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The Brush Box individual toothbrush holder

The Brush Box is suitable for older children and adults and is particularly useful in schools where it is preferred that children look after their own toothbrush.

Designed by a dentist, the one piece, hinged design is easy to clean and can be personalised for individual pupils using a sticker or  by marking with the child's name.

The Brush Box
                                          LENGTH  196 mm  The Brush Box holds toothbrushes up to approx 180 mm long, depending on their shape.

This unique design includes generous air vents that help the bristles to dry thoroughly.  (Many other designs of holder have very limited ventilation and encourage bacterial and fungal growth on damp bristles that have failed to dry properly.)
Manufactured in white, UV stabilised styrene.
Sets of matching toothbrush stickers that can be attached both to the Brush Box and to its toothbrush are available from our on-line Shop. Access the Shop by clicking on the link in the border on the left.